Join Us!

Are you really good at what you do? Have you always wanted to go out on your own but were afraid to go it alone? Are you looking for a great place to build or expand your practice? Maybe we can help…

We now have space available for another licensed massage therapist to join us full-time. (We also have a shared room available part-time on Thursdays and Sundays at a reduced fee.)

We partner with independent licensed massage therapists with a minimum of two years of professional experience (preferably in a medical, chiropractic, wellness, or fitness center setting); and most importantly, a reputation for excellence.

We provide the massage room, massage table (optional), waiting room and utilities, in addition to some administrative support and marketing for new client referrals. Our licensing fee is currently $100/week for the first 4 months, $125/week for the following 4 months, and $150/week thereafter. This fee structure is intended to limit your initial financial burden and help you grow with us!

What’s in it for you? You keep 100% of what you make plus tips (minus the licensing fee)! So if you do 15 one-hour massages in one week, you keep $1050 ($70 x 15) plus all your tips, minus the licensing fee and any client discounts. If you work 20 hours, you keep $1,400 for that week plus all your tips (again, minus the licensing fee and any client discounts)!

We do not have a non-competion clause in our contract, as we believe in supporting our clients’ and therapists’ freedom to choose. While you work here, we only ask you to follow the price structure advertised on our web site.

We can and do provide referrals regularly, but it will be up to you to follow up with each contact and convert them into a client. Also, building a steady clientele takes time, so it is helpful if you already have some clients to start. Otherwise, please expect a six-month time frame to build up a good flow of repeat business. Your success will depend largely on you—the quality of your massage and your interpersonal skills—to get clients and keep them coming back to you!

We currently have space available for a full-time therapist. (We also have a shared room available part-time on Thursdays and Sundays at a reduced licensing fee of $50 for the first 6 months and $75 thereafter.)

If you know what it takes to succeed and are interested in joining us, please contact us with your resume. We look forward to a mutually rewarding working relationship!

Featured Partner Site: American Massage Therapy Association